Testimonials & Reviews of the Eagle Claw

Dear Gerald,


Just wanted to let you know that I was really impressed with my Eagle Claw grip enhancer. For my injuries I had a difficult time maintaining a good grip on my golf club. I frequently had a problem with the club slipping in my left hand at impact. With the Eagle Claw properly adjusted onto my left hand and golf grip I was able to keep a positive grip pressure on the club during the entire golf swing. It was extremely easy to use and even more I was able to use it with different clubs throughout my bag. I even used it when I was selected to the Courage Cup Team and played in England against British Wounded Warriors. I shared it with my competitor Corie Mapp of the British Army and he liked the fact that it gave him positive control on the club. One area I found the Eagle Claw to really shine was chip shots around the green. I made perfect contact all the time!


I attached a picture of the Eagle Claw as I wore it. The second one is my playing partner and British Wounded Warrior wearing the Eagle Claw. Yep it has made the trip to England and used on the oldest course in England!


Thank you,


Joe Caley

CPT US Army (retired)