The Eagle Claw: The Revolutionary Golf Grip Power Enhancer

The Eagle Claw is a golf grip aid and device which assists with developing and maintaining grip strength and swing accuracy. Especially designed for those inflicted and effected by Arthritis; Lupus; sports injuries to the hand, fingers or thumb; disabling diseases or illness that affect grip strength and limit golfing ability.




Whether you're a casual sportsman or a serious athlete, this should be in your bag. If you lead an active lifestyle, you depend on your gear to perform under pressure.


The Eagle Claw is top of the line and one of a kind. 


  • The patented Eagle Claw increases power and maximizes accuracy…
  • Decrease slicing and hooking of the ball.
  • Advanced engineered hand device worn in combination with golf glove for supporting and strengthening golfer’s grip 
  • Ideal for golfers with arthritic or injured hands 
  • Fits comfortably over glove 
  • Locks and maintains grip pressure throughout the swing 
  • Enhances hand and wrist support without restricting movement


Ready to get your game on?



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